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Best and Coolest Car Modification in Indonesia

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the most advanced modifications, the latest cool- Everyone must have a hidden desire to modify their vehicles, be they motorbikes or cars. One of the reasons for modification is to make it look different from other vehicles. This activity certainly requires a lot of money, especially car modifications which usually require tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Even though it costs a lot, it will be proportional to the changes we get. Actually, the cost of car modification can be minimized by using inexpensive aftermarket products. Unfortunately, there are many fake aftermarket products circulating that automatically have far worse quality than the original product, such as exhausts, wheels, and many others.

Muffler and wheels are the parts most often modified by car owners. Likewise, the audio sector is often replaced using a more modern head unit and supports touch screens. In addition, the average car owner modifies the interior by changing seat covers and several other parts to make the car more comfortable to drive.

The modification costs above are not too large compared to car modifications in the engine part. This modification can be done by adding modified parts that boost engine performance, such as using a turbo or even an engine swap. Usually engine modifications are made for racing purposes, but some are devoted to daily needs.

All cars can be modified as long as they have sufficient funds. Some people prefer to modify old cars and do restoration so that the car looks like new. The average old car enthusiast is an old car. Meanwhile, young people usually choose a flat modification flow that looks more modern and keeps up with the times.

Whatever modifications are made, of course, they must be balanced with comfort and safety. Why spend hundreds of millions of dollars, but the car we modified is actually not comfortable to drive. Now for those of you who are confused about looking for the best car modification references, please refer to the references below.

Kumpulan modifikasi mobil terbaru

1. Gambar Modifikasi Mobil Tua

Dari sisi manapun modifikasi mobil tua selalu terlihat keren. Sebagai contoh adalah modifikasi mobil tua di atas yang menampilkan hasil restorasi mobil tua agar terlihat lebih segar. Bentuk body mobil tua memang berbeda dari mobil modern, karena rata-rata memiliki lekukan bodi lebih elegan dan stylish. Sayangnya mesin mobil tua sering rewel, sehingga membutuhkan biaya lebih untuk melakukan perawatan pada sektor mesin.

2. Gambar Modifikasi Mobil Ceper

It’s okay to change the car to be flat. However, you must pay attention to comfort and safety. The reason is that the average flat car is less comfortable to use on damaged roads, considering that the ground clearance is very low. To fix this, you can use Air Suspension which is useful for adjusting the suspension height according to the road conditions we are going through. Unfortunately the price of Air Suspension is very expensive, can reach tens or even tens of millions.

3. Image Modification Pick-Up

In fact, a pickup car is a cargo car that is not suitable as a daily vehicle. But with a touch of modification, a Pickup car can turn into a cool car and is more comfortable to drive as a daily car. Pickup car modification enthusiasts are also quite large, and on average choose cheap pickup cars, such as the Daihatsu Grand Max, Mitsubishi L300, to the Double Cabin Pickup which are priced more expensive

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